Recycling of waste Fiber-Reinforced Plastics (FRP)



主讲人:Nam, Il-Woo   Assistant professor of Handong Global University








主讲人介绍:Dr. Il-Woo Nam received his bachelor and Ph.D degree in Civil and Environmental  Engineering at KAIST in 2005 and 2014, respectively. He worked as a  post-doctoral researcher at Infrastructure Research Center of K-water Institute  in 2016 and joined College of Civil Engineering at Nanjing Tech University,  China, in 2017 as an associate professor. His academic service continued in  Spatial and Environment System Engineering at Handong Global University since  2020. His research area includes multi-functional, high-strength construction  materials with carbon nanotube, stress/strain and crack sensing using  piezoresistive sensors, development of dispersion methods of nanomaterials in  organic or inorganic materials, evaluation on dispersion state of inclusions in  organic or inorganic materials, piezoelectric materials-embedded composites as  electricity generators, and construction materials/systems for electromagnetic  wave absorbing/shielding. His works have been published in several prestigious  journals such as Composites Science and Technology, Composites Part A, Composite  Structures, ACI Materials, and so forth.


内容介绍:Fiber-reinforced plastic (FRP) composite materials, which have been actively  used worldwide since the 1990s, are being used for various applications such as  ships, large pipelines, repair and reinforcement panels, and wind power blades  due to their high specific rigidity and specific strength. Fiber-reinforced  plastic composite materials, which have a service life of about 20 years, have  increased in the amount of waste since the 2010s, and now more than 90% of them  are landfilled or incinerated. Mechanical methods and chemical methods such as  thermal decomposition, solvent decomposition, and supercritical decomposition  are being tried to recycle waste FRP composite materials that are a great burden  on the environment. The present state of recycling of fiber-reinforced composite  materials and recycling methods will be investigated, and future prospects will  be presented.  

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